Monday, December 14, 2009

Hamish thinks we may have a White Christmas

Hi Folks

Hey it is just like being in Buxton again. When we arrived in Montcuq in Summer 2003 ( the year of the Canicule heatwave ) we told at that Christmas that it had not snowed in Montcuq for 10 years well it has snowed every single winter since. Round and about Christmas time albeit only for a day or two !!!!

Have to confess to not going too far from the homestead it is bitterly cold as well. The chicks are fine and don't seem to mind the snow ( have this inkling that maybe they are just a bit thick at times !)

Apparently it is the Grandmother's Birthday today. 87 years old today and still ruling with a rod of iron. But hey that is not a bad innings is it.

Happy Birthday Granma Roberts.This is a picture of her with her dad. She is aged about 27 in this picture and that is Gina and her brother Joe with them.

Taken about 1066 I think !!

Hope you are all tucked up and keeping warm. I heard on the news they even have snow in Toulouse.... wow....
See ya

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diane180 said...

those photos are wonderful, love the snow & the photo of mum & grandad, Gina & Joe, terrific. Snow has stopped over here & hope it continues that way. We are all well, Carmen the rabbit is keeping me company at the moment. Bye for now Hamish xxx