Friday, December 11, 2009

Hamish around Montcuq

Hiya Folks
Sorry about all the confusion. Poor old Gina she has not been well you know - EVER... But don't tell her I told you that. To make up for yesterday's confusion I have instructed my secretary to show you around a little bit of our famous town. Pronounced by theway as  Mon Cook. Don't say it the other way you will get funny looks from anyone who speaks French or has heard of our town on the tele. The Picture at the top of today's blog is the "Hotel de Ville" or Mairie this is where all the biz happens it is on the street known as le Petit Rapporteur. Prizes for anyone who can guess why?

The next 2 pics are of the boulangerie or bakers for us English speaking bods. It is great fresh bread, baguettes and specialities every day. See all the stuff inside Shop is practically emptied by about 9.00 am!!!

The next picture is opposite the Mairie and you find lots of these little excentricities all around the ville all decorated with flowers in the summer. Beautiful arrrrrrrrrrrrr

This next pic is the infamous rue le petit rapporteur. It is very old and much celebrated.

Sorry totally unable to get the video on this to work so I have used one of Gina's photos of Ben to show you. Bit of a poser isn't he. BUT gorgeous with it.

He has the look of a Rasputin about him don't ya think?

See ya tomorrow.

Hamish XX

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