Saturday, January 30, 2010

Hamish ate a hearty meal.

Hi All

This is Gina doing the blog for Hamish today.  I am pleased to say that Hamish ate a hearty meal today.  First meal for 3 days.  We think he ate something in the field that perhaps he should not have. BUT, having said that for the first time today he showed an interest in food ( I cooked and shredded some breast of chicken!!!!!) and ate the ruddy lot.
Now he is fast asleep AGAIN but not on MY chair with MY Jacket over him, back on HIS own chair without the jacket and if I am not mistaken he has a smile on his face.  I need to tell you both Hamish and Buddy are approaching a certain doggy age and we were quite worried about the little tinker. (You can see in the picture he was pretty groggy).

Well I shall give you a few snippets of what is going on around here.  For instance, sat at the computer I heard hailstones hitting the study window even though the sun was streaming in. ON the pation lo and behold the snowdrops have stopped hiding and are rearing their cute little heads ( hope they know what they are doing!)
All the chickens have started laying and I have devised a little test for Hamish's readers.  In this next picture you have to guess which egg was laid by a Maran chicken.  Sorry no prizes, which reminds me must check the lottery ticket. 

So off to do that. Will keep you posted how his lordship is.

Best regards

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Hamish wishes the weather would be normal

Hiya Folks

Sorry have been away but Gina did something weird to her back and we have all been creeping around indoors because the weather is still very un Montcuqy.  She has been painting ( pictures that is ) and I have spent most of my time on one chair or the other.

Les jolies filles are now laying and Jim is eating them as fast as he can.  Gina crept up the other day to take a picture of Daisy ( the one with the white flecks on her neck ) but the result really was very poor so I have told her to get her act together stop moaning about the bad back and get a decent picture for you.

Hope we get some nice warm sun soon and then we can get out and about ( long as the back is working I suppose ) so see you soon and keep warm. Brrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr


Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Hamish is resting

This picture is the latest on Hamish's Website of A WELSH DOG, named Dewi ( do you remember the two little robots in 2001? that tended the garden called Dewi and Louis ) and he lives with another member of the Hams kin and yes they had loads of snow as well.

Hiya Folks

As it is unbelievably bad outside, walks, trips around the field, trips on the randonnee and my planned trips of Montcuq and it's environs have been put off for a while.  I thought, purely to amuse, that you may be interested in some pictures that I have previously left out.  I will blog only once a week until the weather improves as she needs the computer to put the finishing touches to the "Hamish goes to France" book after an excellent editing critique from the "Writer's Bookshop."   She says and I quote.  It is one hell of a learning curve but one she is willing to do so that she can at least say she tried.

So here we go.  First a couple to amuse.

The one on the left is one of the hens looking OUT and the one on the right is Ben looking IN!

It is amazing just how gentle mannered a cockerel Ben is.  He always informs his hens if he has found something that may provide a tasty meal for them.  BUT he always keeps the peace.  The one thing he does do ( of course I never cause any problems ) is when he sees a buzzard or other large bird of prey he makes this gutteral sound in his chest and takes them all to the corner where there is cover.  Then they all stare heavenward till the danger is past.

The fence to make the pen bigger is still under construction - because of the constraints of the bad weather.The ground which was covered in snow, is now sodden because of all the rain. Buddy though, still tries to walk across where there used to be a path but it is now blocked in at one end.  You would think he would learn eh !!  I, of course, never have that problem.

This picture I took of Souleillou from the other side of the valley right after the snow disappeared, but believe me, Gina and I were not warm.  The temperature has not been anything like normal here for ages now.

This one is interesting - it is the view as seen from the top of our field.  You can see that beyond the escarpment is the Vallee du Barguelonne that stretches out towards Lauzerte.  So pretty at any time of year.

That's it for now.

Talk to you soon



Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Hamish on Patrol

Hi Everyone

Yeh that's it. Oeuf numero 3.... The pink one next to it is a plastic one - see they do work. Soon they won't be fighting over the eggs they will be trying to think of new ideas for using the eggs.

Onward to other things. I have been asked by people who read my blog what was the snow really like and here are pictures I had taken when I thought I had tracked a sanglier ( boar ).

No comments just the pics think this should be enough snow for you.

Well with any luck we can say goodbye now to the snow and say hello again to the sun.

Keep warm there in England.....

Regards from Montcuq

Hamish XX

Our members and their pictures (Hamish MacTavish he's a Hero)

Our members and their pictures (Hamish MacTavish he's a Hero): "Hamish McTavish"

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Hamish says its snowtime.......

Hiya All
Sorry about the lack of blog yesterday, Montcuq and indeed most of Europe was in the throes of a Great White Snowstorm. I believe it has been much worse in England in particular Kent. Where the grandma (Gina's Mum) and several siblings of hers (Gina's ) are located.
But have quite a good list of news from the nether regions of Lot in South West France.

1. We have an egg. I consider this to be the most important piece of news as my patient readers have had to bear the brunt of all my wailing about a certain lack of them. They had a fight about who was going to have the egg and she started crying so, of course, she got the egg. Lots of uming and aring going on so guess it was OK.

2. The local bird population. They have been feeding relentlessly at our bird stations, we have three located all round the house. But it was so COLD and the little tinker on the left and all his friends have been chucking out all the sunflower seeds on the floor till they find one that qualifies as good enough for a goldfinch! So we set up bird feeders on the window sills and this enabled us to take pictures like the one on the left.

3. This picture is to illustrate how much snow we had. You should have heard her going on about it being just like living in Buxton again. Never lived there myself. Buddy has. He reckons it was great in the winter you could see a rabbit on Axe Edge from Solomn's Temple. Must say it was mighty cold and Buddy and I only ventured out when it was absolutely necessary.

4. Now this picture deserves I reckon, not least because I managed not to step in it, an award of some kind. It is a genuine Snow Angel !!!!!! I think that is the prettiest thing I have ever seen. Let us hope it is an omen of some kind.

NEWSFLASH. Jim has just handed Gina ANOTHER EGG.

This is more than we could have hoped for. They are real chickens laying real eggs. I though maybe this was some kind of hoax and these chickens were the non laying variety. What's that written on it. Wowwwwwwwwwww let battle commence. Think Jim won this round.

See you all tomorrow keep warm and safe - no just egging you on.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hamish XX

Monday, January 4, 2010

Hamish sees the New Year IN.

Hi Everyone.

I have had an unbelievably boring Christmas and a Fabulous New Year. Well, that actually is not quite true. Gina ordered the biggest turkey I have ever seen not that I have seen that many and Buddy and I got to get Dog Food with Turkey, Dog Food with Stuffing, Dog Food with Turkey Gravy, and last but not least Dog Food with what was left of the Turkey SOUP. All utterly ( is that how you spell it ?) delicious but now we are back to boring old Dog Food on its own. Other than that Christmas was really boring didn't do anything didn't go anywhere.

But the New Year was heralded in by Ben, crowing now ( inside the shed so he is not affending anyone! ) and les jolies filles est a point de pondre !!!!!!!! Get some eggs soon. I still have to go in the pen and organise all the chickens and Jim of course just to check he does a good job.

Some new pictures for you this is Beryl, with the red ruff, the next one is Daisy with the white bits on her ruff. Then there is a pic of them all.

And of course at the bottom is his Nibs

I wish you all ALL THE BEST FOR 2010. Talk to you soon.

Hamish XX