Saturday, January 30, 2010

Hamish ate a hearty meal.

Hi All

This is Gina doing the blog for Hamish today.  I am pleased to say that Hamish ate a hearty meal today.  First meal for 3 days.  We think he ate something in the field that perhaps he should not have. BUT, having said that for the first time today he showed an interest in food ( I cooked and shredded some breast of chicken!!!!!) and ate the ruddy lot.
Now he is fast asleep AGAIN but not on MY chair with MY Jacket over him, back on HIS own chair without the jacket and if I am not mistaken he has a smile on his face.  I need to tell you both Hamish and Buddy are approaching a certain doggy age and we were quite worried about the little tinker. (You can see in the picture he was pretty groggy).

Well I shall give you a few snippets of what is going on around here.  For instance, sat at the computer I heard hailstones hitting the study window even though the sun was streaming in. ON the pation lo and behold the snowdrops have stopped hiding and are rearing their cute little heads ( hope they know what they are doing!)
All the chickens have started laying and I have devised a little test for Hamish's readers.  In this next picture you have to guess which egg was laid by a Maran chicken.  Sorry no prizes, which reminds me must check the lottery ticket. 

So off to do that. Will keep you posted how his lordship is.

Best regards

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diane180 said...

hello Hamish, glad to hear you are on the up, things are better over here, the days are stretching out, your blogs are very interesting, hope the hens are keeping up with Jim's appetite for eggs!! Bye for now - Diane