Monday, January 4, 2010

Hamish sees the New Year IN.

Hi Everyone.

I have had an unbelievably boring Christmas and a Fabulous New Year. Well, that actually is not quite true. Gina ordered the biggest turkey I have ever seen not that I have seen that many and Buddy and I got to get Dog Food with Turkey, Dog Food with Stuffing, Dog Food with Turkey Gravy, and last but not least Dog Food with what was left of the Turkey SOUP. All utterly ( is that how you spell it ?) delicious but now we are back to boring old Dog Food on its own. Other than that Christmas was really boring didn't do anything didn't go anywhere.

But the New Year was heralded in by Ben, crowing now ( inside the shed so he is not affending anyone! ) and les jolies filles est a point de pondre !!!!!!!! Get some eggs soon. I still have to go in the pen and organise all the chickens and Jim of course just to check he does a good job.

Some new pictures for you this is Beryl, with the red ruff, the next one is Daisy with the white bits on her ruff. Then there is a pic of them all.

And of course at the bottom is his Nibs

I wish you all ALL THE BEST FOR 2010. Talk to you soon.

Hamish XX

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