Monday, February 8, 2010

Hamish is really on the mend now.

HI Folks

So sorry we have been away.  She had people to meet places to go and you can't get the help these days can you?  As you can see from the picture it is still too cold to wander about outside.  Spring!!!  Bring it on.  I cannot remember a January and February as cold as this in the 7 years we have been here.  Buddy has disappeared into his chair reckon it will only take sun or food to get him out of it.

Gina has been clicking away again and said I can put the following pictures up for those of you who like to see what is going on at Souleillou.  The chickens are a fully fledged ( sorry about the pun ) production line now as you can see from the picture .............  and Ben and les jolies filles are really enjoying the extended chick pen area.  I picked out a picture here of Gina's study/studio just had a new door put in but you can see the remanents of a horsey past up there on the wall.  That was Sal's headcollar and Kipper's showing bridle with the pelham bit.  She has a pair of brand new riding boots that have never been worn in the bottom of the cupboard there and a showing cane.  So maybe will see some horses around again.  They have such nice smells this place smells too clean now.
The lemon tree and jade plant are as anxious as the rest of us to go out in the sun but heigh ho you probably would not get this blog if it is too nice out there, Well not till after the sun goes down anyway.  The last picture is taken outside the window in the study and I have ringed the birds.  The one on the feeder is a goldfinch, feisty little critters - he just sits there chucking out the sunflower seeds it seems that nothing but the perfect seed will do and at the end of 20 minutes of his antics the only sunflower seeds are the ones on the floor.  I could call him something other than a goldfinch.  !!!
Well that is it for today. 
Talk to you again soon


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