Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Hamish's Chickens are all grown up..

Hi Everyone

The picture above is to put a bit of colour in our grey lives.  We have had another half hearted attempt at being sunny again today and a disasterous attempt at being warm.  3oC top temp in the Montcuq area today.

Gina found this video and we thought we would try to upload it. Then you can see the chickens in action not laying but doing chickeny things. If this opens it will give a whole new world of experimentation and new publishing methods as yet unknown to the Hamish.

Well, here goes.No it did not work. Will have to get advice. !!!  Just wanted you to know we tried.  Am open to any suggestions about how to load videos on blogs.

Next picture was taken very near the french windows ( didn't want to get too far away from the warm) the snowdrops are still growing, oh Bless...

And last but not least, the hazel catkins are giving it a whirl.  See the sky was lovely and blue and COLD.

Talk to you again soon.



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