Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Hamish is not very well again.......

Hi Everyone

Hamish is not too good again.   Gina doing the blog tonight and methinks for sometime to come.  He is very shaky on the old pins and still not keeping his food down.  He is 17 in September so he is getting pretty old.  I have taken a few pictures of him as I will be away till the end of March so with any luck when I get back from old Blighty the sun should have well and truly returned.
 I am hoping that the sun will help the little guy to perk up but I guess I may have to accept the inevitable, even his eyesight is pretty poor now.

Well will love you and leave you.  Enjoy the sun looks as if it has come home to Montcuq.  Today was lovely and lots of Montcuquoises were out enjoying it.

Gina X

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