Monday, December 20, 2010

Dogs and Dog Crating.

HI Everyone

Thought we would let everyone know about dog crating.  This is a system widely used in America and now becoming more common in Europe and the UK.  Very useful tool for house training a dog and of course commonly used for transportation.  The one pictured  is a very good price for small pets.

I use a crate for the car and all kinds of travelling. Lisa's cats came to France in Crates on the Plane, but these were tailormade crates, and we are still using them.  The reason I mention here is that Jane ( the new Fox Terrier is now fully house trained - bless!).  We are much relieved about this.  Opps sorry about the pun - The other one is for bigger pets and they both can be folded up and stored when you are not using them.

I have just bought 2 new coats for the girls that is Jane and Lizzy as here just like most of the northern hemisphere it is freezing.  All I have to do now is get myself a warm winter coat.

Here are some recent pictures of Lizzy and Jane

Can you imagine the caption that could go with this.???


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