Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Hamish was there every inch of the way.

Hiya All

Back from Blighty.  Wish Hamish could have seen those beaches.  Buddy and Hamish would have loved to run the length of this beach.

I could not believe that such a wonderful place was just round the corner from the salt marshes of the north Norfolk Coast.

When I got home.  Lizzy took up residence in my suitcase which took a while to unpack as I had had a bit of a field day at M&S !!!
Good job she's good looking , isn't it ?  Which leads me on to tell you the tale of 2 dogs.  On Sunday last after joining a demonstration at Cahors opposing the practice of Shale Fracking ( Gas extraction using horrific methods ) I joined some friends at their house for a BBQ.  Jim and I and the dogs were settling in with our friends and their 3 Setter dogs when Jane and Lizzy decided to go walk about.  Our very good long suffering friends let them sleep over when they returned at 2.00pm in the morning.  Those 2 if they get further than 25 metres away just go into hunting mode and I might as well not be there.

So if anyone has any ideas about stopping runners from running - I am all ears.  Yes, I have tried treats including liver, ham , gravy bones and even crisps hoping the added advantage of the noise would help, but No nothing but nothing works.
Mind they were both very stiff the next day and slept till dinner time and then went back to sleep till this morning....

What do you think to this ?  Cute or what ?  I have been teaching Lizzy to do a high 5 but she does everything so fast she gets there before I do.

  On a sad note Jim went up and strimmed Buddy and Hamish's graves today.  It is about a year now since we lost them and I still miss them.  While in Norfolk I went to a fete at Sandringham and turned around and lo and behold the very spitting image of Buddy.  Shed a tear or two I can tell you.

Well like Arnie , I will be back.  All the best from the girls.... More pics soon.

Maybe I should try this.  Or better still get Jane and Lizzy to read it.  !!!!!


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