Sunday, April 24, 2011

Tick Fever in Dogs.

HI All

A Quick Post.  A very dear friend has 3 delightful Setter dogs, one English and 2 Irish.  Phoebe one of the Red Setters was lying down and twitching in a very unusual way.  Lynne described it as similar to when you scratch a dog's coat and it touches a nerve.  When the twitching did not subside, Lynne decided to take the dog to the Vet.  A very surprised vet eventually gave Phoebe a blood test and he diagnosed "Tick Fever!".  He assured Lynne that he had never come across these symptoms before.
Well we are well into the tick season so obviously vigilance is called for, and appropriate dosing on the coat as this can be very nasty indeed.  Phoebe looks to be a very lucky girl, Lynne spotted the problem early and with a series of injections Phoebe is doing very well.

Here is Phoebe with Zozo when Zozo was tiny.
Aren't they gorgeous..... 

Remember to check out your dog's jabs and wormers and the medication for ticks and fleas etc.....  See ya.

from The Girls and me. X


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