Monday, June 20, 2011

Hi again.

I have been taking pictures and got a couple of crackers of Jane.  She quite likes her photo taken but Lizzy - Dizzy Lizzy she never sits still long enough for me to get the camera set up.

Will try her again another day.  Here is Jane's photo session.  hahahahah

and this one which I love.

Jane is a Fox Terrier, I don't know if anyone else out there has one but she is as nimble as a mountain goat very light on her feet and has incredible balance.  She can parade about just like a poodle.  Which is just as well as she chooses to lounge on the back of the settee !!  Good job she's good looking.  Lizzy has not got a chance of getting up there and I think that is the real reason that Jane chooses to sit there.Oh and I forgot to tell you.  We bought Jane this silky rabbit thing ( looks a bit like a skinny Bugs Bunny ) she actually talks to it and takes it to bed with her.  Think it has been a bit of a hit.  Lizzy thinks that stuff is all a bit silly, and she has put her puppy rearing days behind her once and for all.  Just a dog what sleeps eats and runs with her ears out in the wind now. !!!!  Love 'em both to bits.  Training starting soon with the collars and the wire free electric fence and if this works we really have cracked it.

Talk to you all again soon

and from the girls as well...

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