Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Sunny Skies over Arctic Sea Ice : Natural Hazards

HI All  Just had to let you have a look at this.  The Arctic seen from Space.  As you know Hamish and I were avid sky watchers and although Lizzy and Jane don't seem very keen in this respect, if and when I get any good info I will pass it on.


Sunny Skies over Arctic Sea Ice : Natural Hazards: "- Sent using Google Toolbar"


Update on the Girls from Souleillou

Hi All

It has been a very busy  as we have had visitors this week at Souleillou.  Lisa and Daniel have been visiting and it coincided with July 14th, which as I am sure you all know is Bastille Day Remembrance and it is celebrated all over France with much reverence up till about 18.00 hrs in the evening and then it is a case of let the party commence.

We had such an ace July 14th this year the weather was brilliant and behaved itself right till the day after when the marquees were put away and the litter carefully put in the bins.  On the 15th.  Jane managed to escape - yeh escape - horrors, I thought that is it she will get caught up in a bush with her electronic collar on !  I followed her for some way but was just pushing her away from me so I went back to an angelic Lizzy who was being a good girl and sitting on the verandah and then I heard from the back of the house.  "It's alright Jane is back "  Yee haa.  At last the pair of them are actually realising which side their bread is buttered.  So it was quite a few good, really good, days.

Lisa and Dan went back on Ryanair to England yesterday, and yes it rained and it is still raining but I think it is in England too.  So we are back to the old routine and the girls are being so good I forgot this morning and left the back gate open and Lizzy followed me out and was sniffing around the sand at the top of the drive.  BUT Jim called her and she came straight back in.  What a result - at last.  Just shows you should never give up.

I did a little video while Lisa and Dan were here so you could meet everyone.

Daniel is stroking Dizzy Lizzy and Lisa is trying to occupy Jane who can do this for hours.  It apparently is a fox terrier trick....

Will talk again soon

and the girls.... x

hehehe  Hamish would have loved this.  I am almost tempted to buy one and put it in the front garden !


Friday, July 8, 2011

Free and Happy

Hi All  this is the latest update for the dog collars.  We had our first day yesterday without leads on .  It was not all straightforward - we discovered a break in the wire and had to repair it ( after Jane had walked straight out ! ) But the good news is that when I told Jane to wait she looked at me doe eyed and sat and waited.  Yippee at last I think I am actually getting through.

When the fence was repaired. They both had a brilliant time running around the garden with their Setter friends.  So great news.  Sensitive soul Jane has come through without any trauma and we can all do the french thing - eat and drink - while enjoying the view without tying the dogs up.
Some pics.  Will elaborate on the fence etc after the weekend ( Expo coming up this weekend and then I can get back to the blog ).

Lizzy and Jane and Friends resting after exertions.

See Lizzy under the table.  And that large beautiful Setter behind Jane is the puppy I featured in a previous article.  All grown up now.

This is the girls taking a breather but loose and no collars'

So hurrah, we have collars and no traumas..

Talk again after the weekend.

and the girls....


Saturday, July 2, 2011

Carrefour and Chips

HI All   Jim the gals and me have two rather special friends who provide us with  a fix of fish and chips.  The quality is amazing and get this - they too have dogs.  2 dogs that is.  I have not got the pics of the dogs yet but I went down to Carrefour Contact ( which used to be Shopi )  and took some photos of them in their new VAN alongside the new and improved ( not sure that is true yet !) supermarket.

But the fish and chips are as superior as ever and even on a diet I manage to squeeze in my fish and chips on a Saturday night.

Here is a picture taken tonight at about 7 o.clock in the evening on a typical Montcuq evening - you know what I mean - sun shining, cicadas singing, and the sweet sweet smell of English Fish and Chips.  Mmmmmm yummy....

Ahhhhh  we are fast moving into the 21st century.  Posh Chip Van and a Supermarket with a proper Car Park and a Garage.

This is Resa and Tony who give us that authentic taste of home.  Will post the pics of their dogs soon.


Friday, July 1, 2011

We are in last stages of training with the collars now.

Hi Folks
Will take the camera up with me today so you can see what we are doing.  Jane has cottoned on that going near the fence when she hears the click click click thingy is a BAD sign so she has not had a shock at all but is very nervous of approaching the parameters of the fence.  Lizzy is a lot braver and has had a mild shock twice, just a little yelp but I think it is better to get a little shock ( it is set very very low ) and know what will happen.

So get back to you later...