Thursday, August 18, 2011

Hamish would NOT approve of this.

Hi Folks.

Little story to tell you about last Saturday.  Just when I thought these dogs could no longer spring any surprises on me, I decided early last Saturday morning up on the high randonnee ( a place we have taken Jane and Lizzy many many times ) as they had both been so good off the lead one at a time, to let them both off.  It only takes a second hahahaha  they were GONE.  Vamoose - never to be seen again that day.  We spent the whole day hanging about, searching, yelling, whistling and as a last resort my friend Lynne and I together with her Setter Dogs went up to the randonnee about 7.30 - 8.00 pm.  NOTHING..

I thought that is it, I will never see them again.  But, as a last resort Jim and I went back up to the randonnee at 8.30 on Sunday morning and the little horrors were sat where we had previously parked the car - WAITING FOR US...!!!!

Jane just wanted to get in the car, but Lizzy was squealing with delight.  Well, the upshot was that they slept the pair of them for nearly 36 hours straight.  I suppose it is some kind of vague hope in my mind that MAYBE just MAYBE they have learnt a lesson but somehow I don't think so.

This is Jane during that time after the return....

Then the following Tuesday we had a BBQ for our french neighbours and some English friends from just further up the road and when Lynne was taking Phoebe (one of the Red Setters )back to the car, Jane sneaked out and I shouted to Lynne and before you could say Jack Robinson Jane had got into Lynnes car and made herself at home. I am pretty sure she thought we were off to the randonne again.  She laid in the back seat of the car, all the doors were wide open because of the heat, and was quite obviously waiting for the rest of us to join her !!!  I just went and got her lead and brought her in.  Funniest thing I have seen in ages..

Well we won't be going up the randonnee for a while far too hot, quiet dog walks in the cool times for now..

Monday, August 8, 2011

Buying a Puppy?

I was handed this little leaflet when I bought my entrance ticket to the Dog Show in Cahors yesterday.  If you are considering buying a Puppy in France this is a list of the obligations the breeder has to adhere to.  Make sure you have all this paperwork, you know how they love paperwork here in France.

Hope this helps....

Sunday, August 7, 2011

Good Day at Cahors Dog Show.

Hiya All

I have been to the Cahors Canine du Lot Dog Show today and very interesting it was.  Wonderful venu.  Great weather.  Tons and tons of dogs, big, little, fat , thin, chunky, elegant, disconcerting, and downright gorgeous.

Here are some pictures that I took today.

So you can see we had a pretty good day.  My girls, gorgeous, but not registered breeds ( goodness only know what Lizzie is !) had to stay at home so after a good walk down on the road to St Cyprien, where incidently we banged into one of Lizzy pups and pretty good she looked too, they stayed indoors with a pigs ear each in the cool of the house.  Good as Gold.  But then I expect nothing less now.

Incidently, did you spot the crossbred, ( but now recognised ) alsatian/wolf .  I had a chat with him.  Big guy and very laid back.  You can't mistake those wolf legs.  Hilary, one of my old friends from the veterinary surgery would have loved him.
Signing off for now.  Got to put a new page on for the ladies at the Refuge for Dogs in Cahors - you will find the information on a separate page.  Bye for now.

and my two good girls.

This is the link for the Refuge Website

And this is the link to the Page devoted to them.