Sunday, August 7, 2011

Good Day at Cahors Dog Show.

Hiya All

I have been to the Cahors Canine du Lot Dog Show today and very interesting it was.  Wonderful venu.  Great weather.  Tons and tons of dogs, big, little, fat , thin, chunky, elegant, disconcerting, and downright gorgeous.

Here are some pictures that I took today.

So you can see we had a pretty good day.  My girls, gorgeous, but not registered breeds ( goodness only know what Lizzie is !) had to stay at home so after a good walk down on the road to St Cyprien, where incidently we banged into one of Lizzy pups and pretty good she looked too, they stayed indoors with a pigs ear each in the cool of the house.  Good as Gold.  But then I expect nothing less now.

Incidently, did you spot the crossbred, ( but now recognised ) alsatian/wolf .  I had a chat with him.  Big guy and very laid back.  You can't mistake those wolf legs.  Hilary, one of my old friends from the veterinary surgery would have loved him.
Signing off for now.  Got to put a new page on for the ladies at the Refuge for Dogs in Cahors - you will find the information on a separate page.  Bye for now.

and my two good girls.

This is the link for the Refuge Website

And this is the link to the Page devoted to them. 

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