Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Dog Blog Office Update

This is a News Extra from the Dog Blog Office.  It has come to my notice that we have some new followers, I think it would be sensational if we could have pictures of our followers and then we could have a Rogues Gallery for all to see.  Maybe we could call this the Dog Rog Hahahahahah...  Roger Dodger over and out.

Anyway always nice to welcome new people and don't forget we are always interested in your stories, could think of better things to chew ( opps I mean do ) than editing ALL day.  Lizzy has come up with some ideas for Doguco and Gruffwords and I told her to keep working on it.  If you have any better ideas I would be very grateful.

Till next time enjoy your walks, truffle hunting or whatever turns you on.

Jane Lizzy and the team...

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