Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Gina is back from England.

Hi All
this is jane here.  Sorry bout all the mis steaks ( oh don't you just love that woord ) but still in train ning.  Gina is back from England and I thawt I had beter get some edit oral done to show er haw gd Lizzy and I are at this edit orial thing we are.

We ave ad a great time while she as bin in Englond Jim let us run riot somethin bout it was easier to just let us dig up the garden than getting up and down to open the b****y doors all the time.
Well, smarty pants lizzy found this lind and fought you might like to see this go here


Think this is what Gina has been on about !!!!!! she keeps sayin it anyway.  Enjoy.

Jane and Lizzy......

Got to go and have a sleep now.



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