Tuesday, October 4, 2011

JaneLizzyHamishandFriends - new title for the blog.

Hi All

Due to unforseen circumstances ( like I messed up!) we have a new WWW. address :-

The new blog is called     JaneLizzyHamishandFriends   and will be run by Jane, the new editor and Lizzy, General Dogsbody ( sorry about the pun ).

HR Department ( ie ME ) is at the moment training the new staff and will hand over totally in 2 weeks time. - Goodness knows how we will get on - neither is as bright as Hamish was and neither as totally unconcerned with things that are of no concern to them as Buddy.  Tant pis...  Que sera, sera....

Here is a picture of Jane in Training for her new role :

Exhausted after yet another training session.
And this is Lizzy watching a training video for the cutting and pasting on the blogs :

I mean the look on the face says it all.....  Well we will be training again tomorrow, after a light lunch and a run on the randonne....

Progress eh !!!!



Anonymous said...

Looks just like me after a day of dealing with the kids!!

fabulousflo said...

Haha! Looks like they're going to be interesting 'staff'. I love the look on Lizzy's face!

Good luck!

H and Flo (DWB)