Thursday, October 20, 2011

Last minute rush at the Dog Blog Office....

Jane here at the Dog Blog Office....

All very casual here you know.  Well when she is not around anyway.  This is Lizzie doing some proof reading for our next article .  I felt I should include some pictures of her as she sulks like mad if I get all the limelight.  Her assistant is Thomas the Squeak who has lost his Squeak and has been asking about putting an ad in the new Lost and Found Column ( which we haven't done yet! ).

Lizzie  -  eyes down for a full house.  Sorry get carried away you know.  We are looking for other dawgs to send in articles and pictures which we can put on here and will pay absolutely nothing to publish them.

She has been doing quite well, but every so often complains that she is feeling dizzy - hardly surprising with those eyes !!! ( Please note coordinating cloth on the settee to match Lizzy's lighter  bits ) yeh I know she made me put that bit in.  And she keeps nipping off ( sorry yet more puns ) to go and do a bit of guarding which I don't mind too much as it saves my voice.

Well we are researching interesting articles of all sorts for our publications and look forward to giving you a rounded dog view of the world around us.

Jane Lizzy and Squeakless Thomas.  A Bientot.

She is such a woose that Lizzy.  I am in charge so I get all the toys....


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