Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Excitement at the Dog Blog Office.

Hi All   Wow! Has there been a buzz in the office today.  Perhaps I had better start at the beginning.  Gina took us both out for a constitutional on the randonnee today and I was really peeved because Lizzy got to go off the lead and being the little smarty pants that she is she kept coming back and checking where we were.  Mind you when she did come back we both got Double Gloucester Cheese.  Well, I suddenly twigged the trick is to act as if you don't really want to join, just keep your head down and act dumb.  I did this so well that I got to get off the lead and I thought I'll show them I can walk off the lead and not run off as well.  I did so well we got a load more Double Gloucester Cheese - mmm yummy..  Gina got back to the house and was so delighted with us we got a pigs ear each !!!  RESULT..

Then we had to go into the Dog Blog office so Gina could do a little video of us.  So here that is.
Well, as usual Lizzy ended up on the carpet eating my bone ...............
So what was next oh yes Jim went down to the mailbox and came back with a letter and in it were pictures of Lizzy's to pups that went to Carcassonne.  You remember Lizzy's pups ??  Here is a picture of Lizzy with all her puppies  - of course you remember now.

Well you should see them two now.  13 months old.  Here is a picture of them now.  Can you spot them in the top picture...???

They are in a very nice home with great people looking after them and Gina was very happy about getting the pictures.....

So all in all not a bad day's work.  The weather here today has been wonderful, they have been doing stuff you know like walls, and washing etc..

Talk soon

Jane Lizzy et al......X

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