Thursday, November 17, 2011

Hi All
We, that is Lizzy and I, went to report on how the Setters were doing,  these were always very good friends, we heard, of Hamish.  About that time Phoebe was just a gay young thing and Cassie sadly like Hamish is no longer with us.

The idea was to have a bit of a get together and report on how the Setter Girls were getting on.  Well, Phoebe is now the head of the household, Casse ( English Setter ) probably really runs the joint, and the newbie Zoe who is now bigger that anybody else.  Another aristocrat with connections in the show ring  !!!!  She is a good egg though and got enough energy to run a power station.

We had a good chat and the everything is going really well, the randonnee still heads the list for most popular place to go and Lizzy got a picture of them after all the celebrations ( for those who don't have dogs - this entails hairing round the garden at about 600 miles per hour till one of us fall over and can't get up. ).

In dog parlance this is a pile of dogs.  Zozo at the front, Callie disguised as a Plum Pudding, and the lovely Phoebe at the back.

Next time we visit I will try to get a video of us all do the hairing around bit.

Jane, Lizzy just about to get our heads down......  Nighty night.

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