Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Jane and Lizzy Dog Blog Office - Special from Exeter

Hi  there all you doggy friends and friends of dogs.

From one of our overseas reporters this came just 24 hours ago.

Amazing pictures of the most adorable Retriever Cross and the cutest little girl.  She is called, the dog that is, Holly 4 years old and the little girl is called Eleonor and she is 17 months old and is the daughter of Lynne with the Setter's niece. But aren't these just the most magical pictures.  Now if we could collect some more - I could start a special page just for lovely doggy photos.  Ta Eleonor's Mum for letting us have the pictures.

 Nice name Eleonor.  There was, once upon a time, a Princess in France , called Eleanor of Aquitaine.  Very regal.....

Jane and Lizzy.  just off to beddy byes.......

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