Monday, December 26, 2011

Dog Blog Christmas Day News.

Hi All   Hope your Christmas Day went as well as ours... And that Boxing Day will be a good one too....  Have some photos for you,  Lizzy and I spent the morning on the Randonnee and the afternoon at our friends with  the Setter Dogs.  The lovely Phoebe, Caline and Zozo.  We had a really really good day  and we met another old friend on the randonnee Guiness who was looking very festive in the a tinsel collar.

Don't you just love the last one.  Callie has got Gina well trained.  Think her and Callie both had had plenty to eat and drink......  Talk  soon.

The Dog Blog Office   oh by the way the guy with Jane is 'Enry - he doesn't say much....

Jane Lizzy and 'Enry....XXXXX

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