Friday, December 30, 2011

Dog Blog Office Extra

HI All  What a kerfuffle yesterday...  Gina was painting in her room and she came out and shouted "There's a dog on the other side of the fence."  She was just checking the chickens and noticed them looking over the fence up the road from Souleillou.  Off she went to inspect the wayward dog, and came back looking for a lead.  You would never guess, it was one of Lizzy's puppies - all grown up, about 14 months old, and obviously lost.

Gina brought her in, and she was a bigger version of Jane!!!!! with blue eyes....  Off Gina went with Floconette ( we found out her name ), to take her back to the lady that collected her last year and apparently, the owner was driving about looking for her.  How about that !!!!  We now have the owner's phone no in case Floconette wanders back anytime.  Here is a picture of her sister who was very similar ( sent by the new owners in Carcassonne ) and one of when she was a puppy.  Gina did not have time to get pictures but next time we see her I shall expect pictures.

Not much else going on, Gina is painting, no stray dogs today and the it is tipping down.  
Happy New Year to all.....

Jane et al......x

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