Hamish My Hero - A Dog in a Million

Hamish MacTavish.  He's a Hero.
I am in the process of adding extra pages to this blog and feel I should let everyone know about Hamish's story although most of his followers already do know.

The Hamish's Dog Blog was set up because while using a website to show the world my paintings I dedicated a page to Hamish and the children's book that I was writing at the time.The only trouble was that people were more interested in Hamish than my paintings.  This book was the first of many adventures the intrepid Hamish MacTavish was making around the world - designed with young readers in mind to inspire and open young peoples ideas for possibilities that we can all have if we are brave and give it a whirl.  So many people like me were taught that people like us don't do this or that.  I was very fortunate to have had a mentor right from the beginning My grandfather who told me that I could have anything I wanted - if I was prepared to pay the price.

Well I personally have been paying the price ever since and have had a magic life surrounded by great mentors and guiders, a life which included horses, dogs, the theatre and a 2 year education in a prestigious art school in England.  I am very grateful for all that life has given me and all the wonderful people that I have been lucky enough to call friend.

And one of those was called Hamish MacTavish.  What a treasure he was.  Ever faithfull, every vigilant, guardian, friend, counsellor and most of all ever present.  The picture at the top of this page is my favourite picture of Hamish and if you ever met Hamish I think you would recognise him from this picture.